3W Networks to deliver Cybersecurity solutions for Dubai Metro DMZ Project

//3W Networks to deliver Cybersecurity solutions for Dubai Metro DMZ Project

3W Networks to deliver Cybersecurity solutions for Dubai Metro DMZ Project

3W Networks the premier System Integrator was awarded the implementation of Cybersecurity solution for Dubai Metro DMZ Project – Operation Control Centers (OCC) and Back-up Operation Control Centers (BOCC).


Launched in September 2009, the Dubai Metro is an initiative of Government of Dubai – Road Transportation Authority. It is the world’s largest driverless fully automated metro network and runs across 72.6 Kms, (52.1kms of Red Line and 22.5 kms of Green Line).


The Multi-Service Network (MSN) is one of the several OT / ICS systems in Dubai Metro and it is acting as an internal backbone network of Dubai Metro Systems. The DMZ Project aims to build layer of cyber security systems at the perimeter of the Multi Service Network, to assist in defense in-depth strategy of the Operational Technology (OT) of its systems environment.


3W Networks in partnership with top-rated global network and cybersecurity systems manufacturers will secure Dubai Metro’s Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control System (ICS) with technologically advanced cybersecurity solutions consisting of ruggedized Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) with high threat protection performance and automated visibility to oversee and stop cyber-attacks. 3W scope of work includes Project Management, Procurement, Configuration, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning.


“Cybersecurity is the latest technology offering from 3W Networks. Being an innovative and technologically confident System Integrator, we partnered with leading OT/ICS cybersecurity systems manufacturers to offer value added solutions and eliminate cyber threats in the critical infrastructure markets including the transportation sector. We are pleased to deliver a smarter integrated cybersecurity solution for Dubai Metro DMZ Project and secure its network against any potential cyber-attacks” said Walid Gamali, Chief Executive Officer, 3W Networks.


About Road Transportation Authority (RTA)

With a vision of safe and smooth transport for all, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is responsible for planning and executing transport and traffic projects in Dubai, preparing legislation and strategic plans, developing other integrated solutions of road system and marine network that are safe and in line with the city’s economic development plans and the highest international standards.

Due to its massive role in the development of infrastructure and transportation for Dubai, RTA administers itself through six agencies: Marine, Public Transport, Traffic & Roads, Rail, Dubai Taxi & Licensing Agency.

Project Code: COC

Award Date: November 2018

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